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FRANKSA Supplier portal

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Standard- and norm partsSpecial parts according to drawing
Composite parts of rubber or silicon with metal, plastic or fabric
Slideway protectors
Profiles, rings & frames of rubber & silicon
Profiles, rings & frames of plastic (hard & soft)
Molded rubber parts
Molded silicon parts
Rubber balls
O-rings / round cord rings
Seals - stamped parts – cuttings
Tube rings
Polyurethane – casting mold parts and semi-finished products
Plastic – turned- milled parts / semi-finished products
Autoclave equipment
Freehand parts – winding parts & bends
Roller coating
Buffer rings, Support rings & belt-tensioning idlers
Other parts – please nominate
Assembly work (bonding, packaging, checking, component assembly and so on)
Services of other kinds – please nominate

e.g. for services or other items from the table above

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